Sunday, September 4, 2011

phasetastic: a primer


Phase= "the individual part of a process". (

Tastic= nothing really...but for me it is short for "fantastic". (my own definition)

Phasetastic= The awesome feeling one feels when taking on a new pursuit with unimaginable gusto ...that most likely will only last for a short period of time; (the pursuit...not the gusto)  leading to the next pursuit. (my own word and definition)

(sometimes my phases are really just whims...but whimtastic sounded phasetastic it is)

The abandonment of a phase is something I do on a regular basis. My life is a collection of phases that have brought me epic joy, great adventures, opportunities for reflection, direction, redirection and hope. At times my phases have brought about frustration, loss, fear, anxiety and some terrible, terrible photographic evidence of some interesting fashion choices.

I love a phase. Actually, I live for a phase.

I am someone who jumps in with both feet when I decide to take on something new.   The challenge for me used to lie in my ability to find the momentum to stick with something for an extended period of time....but I have come to realize that I don't operate that way. I am OK with moving onto something else. Sometimes I jump in for less than 5 minutes, realizing that whatever it was, isn't going to work for me. Other times I stay for a while. In rare instances the phase becomes part of my regular repertoire. At times I will leave a phase only to return to it later when it seems to be the right time.

My phases aren't left unfinished if they involve others. I work hard to be someone people can rely on (I don't always succeed in this, but I do try).  My phases are personal pursuits that I generally share with friends; who gain quite a bit of amusement from it. They are also super supportive and encouraging. Because that's what friends do!

I want to experience as much as I can in life. That sometimes makes people uncomfortable. It can be looked at as flaky, being dissatisfied or just unhappy. If someone see my phases that way, then they really don't know me.

My phases range from small things like my fashion choices to large things like my career choices.
I had a friend point out that I am always going through a phase of some sort. She knows me well, and she knows that a phase is just part of who I am.

I had another friend ask for my advice about how I can be so comfortable moving from one thing to another. She was searching for a way to make some big changes; moving away from what she feels like is expected of her by others and doing what she wants to do...not what she is "supposed" to do.
These two interactions made me think that maybe my next phase should involve a blog...a blog about the phases I have been through and will pursue in the future. I don't consider any phase a true failure. Sure, there are many I wouldn't repeat (ie: asymmetrical haircuts) but I have learned from all of them. Sometime just contemplating trying something new is enough to satisfy me...and sometimes taking a big chance or making a big change is what is required.

I look forward to sharing some of my past experiences as well as the ones that are yet to come. I hope you come along for the ride. I'd love to hear your input and ideas. Who knows where it will lead.
So....this is how we have arrived here...welcome to the next phase.


p.s. a phase can begin due to: a whim, trends, exploration, self reflection, suggestions, curiosity  or just good ole' fashion boredom.

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  1. This is a most excellent beginning, Ellen. I can really relate to this. Sometimes phases (like deciding to move to Austin, TX for no apparent reason) can bring about some pretty wonderful changes. : )